Ava Fairen

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I love being naked and making you cum as hard and as much as humanly possible! but I'm a busy college student so sadly, its either work or play. Instead of choosing between the two (work/play) I decided to combine them and the more I make the more I'll be able to spend my life and my time pleasing you. And I promise I'll always be good (or naughty) to you. So don't be shy, get into a room with me, tip me, spoil me, get to know me, and lets take care of each other!

My biggest fetish is public sex. I love nudity in public, blow jobs in public, making out in public. The more populated the place the more thrilling the endeavor. I love being told what to do and being handled roughly. If a guy pushes my head down while I'm giving him a bj I find it thrilling. I don't mind getting my butt slapped or feeling like your dirty little slut. I love being submissive. I also like anal and getting my clit rubbed at the same time. Being worshiped is sexy too, I guess I'm a person of extremes. If it isn't rough and dirty then its gotta be over the top sweet and sensual like you can't get enough of me. I love being caught by surprise as well. (ex. If your being all sweet and loving and then you just bend me over and take advantage). I find all of that extremely hott. I also like hearing about other peoples fetishes it turns me on soo much.

My fetishes and fantasies go hand in hand. I could be your victim, especially in a public place, or your sexy little slave. Treat me like I'm a little school girl or maybe your naughty professor. Call me the name of that hott college girl you wanted so badly and lets act out your fantasy. Dress me in leather and let me tell you what I'm going to do to you. I have a fantasy of getting it on in the library, at the beach, or at your parents house while they aren't home. I could be your housemaid or your hired babysitter, or even that girl you want to spoil. My biggest fantasy is getting you rock hard and making you cum all over me. Visit my show and I will show You all the secrets I hide. I am a sexy girl and I want to have fun!.Because I am the best.I want to make sex with 3 guys into an elevator..I have a beautiful body and all the time I m horny.Come and resolve this problem! Im an all organic, nature loving girl.Nothing is to kinky if we both agree.I spend time in my garden, at the beach, in the pool or working on my business.Take me private cam to cam and get me ready for fucking once more.For my special lovers a twitter addy will be provided, so you can have acess to me 24-7.I have beautiful breast, I hear. ;)All Natural!

I like little things in my butt, and hard things in my Pussy.I love to role play.I can be your nurse or doctor, your maid, your secretary and boss.Lets talk about some fun games.

My fantasies are so many. Come talk to me, and we can make some of them come true.Yours and Mine. funny and playful girl


love to play with my pussy I m hot , sexy , nice , polite allways looking for some fun

Doggy , me on top

i m into all fetishes

Ava Fairen

I like a guy (or girl) who isn't afraid to tell me what to do and what needs to be done. Confidence is ALWAYS sexy. I love quirky people who are into the same stuff as me and who will tell me their fantasies in vivid detail. My biggest turn on's are turning other people on (and surprises). I really like to be random and chat to random people, the more open and at ease we are the more enjoyable every moment will be.

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